Coyol Closet

We have a second Valiente Viernes today. Coyol Closet is a brand of 3 sisters who are trying to inspire the latinas and let them know that anything is possible. Their culture helps them bring some of the most beautiful handmade jewelry you can find. The love they have for their parents helps inspire their work and keeps them from even thinking of quitting. They were nice enough to answer some questions we had for them. Click and take a look to see what keeps them motivated on a daily basis.

El Cielito Café – Daniel

Feliz Viernes! Today’s Valiente Viernes is Daniel who is the owner of “El Cielito Café”. Daniel was one of the lucky ones to find his passion at an early age and went after it. He set his goal to start a coffee shop that made a difference in his community. He provides High School kids an opportunity to hold events at his shop, he hosts fundraisers, and gives vendors an opportunity to grow their business. His customer service, passion for coffee, and infectious positivity are just a few of the reasons for his growth. His never give up attitude and his reason to always continue to improve exemplify the Échale Ganas attitude and makes him a great candidate for Valiente Viernes.  Check out our interview with him. Échale Ganas Amigos!

Nick Luna

I know it’s been awhile, but here is our Valiente Viernes. He is a highly motivated individual who is educating the latino community with their health care rights. The Latino community is underserved in this area and he is fighting for those who need it most. His experience on top of his GANAS, is what makes him stand out from the rest. Thanks Nicolas H D Luna Take a look and let us know what you think. If you have questions, don’t be afraid to send him a message at Nicolas Luna – Health Insurance Broker. Gracias and like always Échale Ganas Amigos!


Feliz Viernes a todos! Today’s Valiente Viernes is Pipiripau. They are a clothing brand based out of Ventura, CA. The owners are two brothers who have a creative talent to create any idea that pops into their head and make those ideas come to life. They represent the Échale Ganas lifestyle, which explains why their success and their brand has continued to grow. They are two hard working people who had the courage to chase their dreams and make it a reality. It hasn’t come easy to them, but they have the commitment and the Ganas to continue towards their dreams. Here is a little piece of who they are. Stop by their page and check them out. Gracias Pipiripau for your time.

Karina Luna

Today’s Valiente Viernes is Karina Luna She is a strong, funny, and smart woman who represents the Échale Ganas life style day in and day out. She has the never give up attitude and is always trying to grow. You might have seen her in the series, “Cholos Try”, which just got renewed for a second season. Gracias Karina for your time!

Jerry Gamez

Feliz Viernes a todos! Today’s Valiente Viernes is Jerry Gamez. He is the owner of Fino’s Menswear and has been helping men look sharp all through out California. He prides himself on his customer service and makes sure his clients leave satisfied. He has an eye for tailored suits and once you work with him, you won’t want to go to anyone else. To think this was all a dream of his when he was young. He picked out the name of his business when he was in high school. Being surrounded by entrepreneurs his whole life, it was only fitting that he do the same and go after his dreams. He keeps a positive attitude and always tries to better himself and the people he works with. He truly exemplifies the Échale Ganas attitude and is determined to reach new heights in this business. Just like his billboard said, “CRUSHING the competition one wedding at a time”